Mirrors for Gyms, Dance Studios and more – Oklahoma City

Mirrors for heath and fitness, yoga and dance studios, martial arts, restrooms, etc.

Mirrors for health and fitness, gyms, dance studios, home gyms and more in Oklahoma City.

Knox Glass Company OKC installs large mirrors custom-cut to fit your walls. Whether in your elevator, your restroom or in your health and fitness center, we can handle all of your mirror needs.

In addition to vanity use, mirrors are also great for making rooms feel larger and brighter and for motivating and monitoring activities. Mirrors make your space feel more spacious by giving it a whole other dimension and symmetry. Mirrors illuminate spaces by reflecting more natural light. They enable your customers to observe and improve their skills. All ways that make your space more practical and pleasant for your customers.

Depending on your use of space and desired look, there are many ways to configure your new mirrors. Our only limitation is the door way into your space. Mirrors can be cut around outlets and fixtures if needed. Whatever size requirements you might have, we’re happy to work with you to provide the best mirror at the best price in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. No matter how you choose to design your space, our custom mirrors are sure to leave a big impression on your visitors.

There are so many places you can use mirrors:

  • Commercial and home gym mirrors
  • Dance and yoga studio mirrors
  • Crossfit mirrors
  • Physical therapy mirrors
  • Martial arts and boxing mirrors
  • Elevator, restroom and wall mirrors
  • Dressing room and vanity mirrors
  • Medical and health services mirrors
  • Full and partial mirror walls
  • Two-way privacy mirrors
  • Hidden TV mirrors
  • Safety-backed mirrors for active spaces
  • Tinted mirrrors, flat polished, seamed and beveled edges
  • Framed and frameless mirrors
  • Custom mirrors for just about any application

If you can dream it, we can build it. Contact us today!
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