Curtain Wall Repair and Replacement – Oklahoma City

Specializing in curtain wall waterproofing, repair and replacement.

Curtain Wall Repair & Replacement in OKC

Knox Glass Company OKC offers a variety of commercial curtain wall repair and replacement services in the Oklahoma City metro area. Some of our curtain wall repair services include:

  • Curtain wall broken glass repair and replacement
  • Curtain wall window seal replacement
  • Curtain wall window repair
  • Foggy insulated window repair and replacement
  • Curtain wall double pane insulated glass repair
  • Curtain wall tempered glass replacement
  • Curtain wall laminated glass replacement
  • Full curtain wall frame replacement
  • Other commercial glass and glazing products

Curtain Wall Maintenance and Inspection in OKC

Knox Glass Company services and maintains all curtain walls types including those found on office buildings, office parks, shopping centers and high-rise buildings. Some of our services include:

  • Weatherproofing and waterproofing - we consult, inspect, test and correct exterior building leaks
  • Curtain wall water leaks
  • Curtain wall weatherstrip repair & replacement
  • Curtain wall glass replacement
  • Curtain wall rubber gasket replacement
  • Curtain wall wet sealing services
  • Perimeter sealing and caulking
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